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Tabini Theme

July 17th 2020


I am proud to announce the release of my first Gatsby theme called Tabini.

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If you don't know what Gatsby is it is a static site generator that uses React and JavaScript. I use it to run this site and blog.

Features of the theme

  • Write articles using Markdown and MDX.
  • Source content from Contentful
  • Create new pages using Markdown and MDX.
  • Custom content areas
    • Before the featured article list
    • Before the article list
    • Before the article content
    • Before the footer
  • Built in Social graph support so when you share your links it will add an image and an excerpt of the content.
  • Multiple author support
  • Built with user accessability in mind.
  • Build in articles search.

If you would like to give it a try you can install it by using yarn add @adamwebster/tabini or npm install @adamwebster/tabini.

If you enjoy it I would appreciate if you could help support me by buying me a hot chocolate by clicking the button below.

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Buy me a Hot Chocolate

Usually people would ask to buy them a coffee to help support their site and content they provide, but I do not drink coffee so instead I will ask for you to buy me a hot chocolate.

All of the content on my blog is offered ad free, buying me a hot chocolate will make sure that it stays that way.

Adam Webster

Buy me a hot chocolate

About Adam Webster

Adam Webster is a UI Designer & Front-end developer. He has been coding and designing websites since he has 13 years old. His hobbies include: photography, drawing, hiking, and video games.

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